Steam Mop Reviews – A Quick Look at Three Mops

Steam mop tools take some of the back breaking work out of keeping your floor clean by eliminating the need to carry a bucket of water along with you as you work your way through your house. smart living steam mop reviews On top of that, they eliminate the need to use chemicals to clean you floors. No more smelly chemicals which can affect the air quality in your home and also pose a threat to your family. These types of mops clean with water. Here’s a quick look at three steamer mop types you might have considered purchasing:

Haan Steam Type Mop – The type of mop designed by Haan is a lightweight steam device for mopping with fifteen steam jets. It has an adjustable handle and a nice, sturdy build. With a temperature of 212 degrees when on, it can easily kill germs and bacteria on your floors. The Haan comes with a filling cup, resting mat, and two thick microfiber mop pads which are machine washable and can be reused hundreds of times. It also has an optional sanitizing tray. The sanitizing tray can be used on a host of things including carpet, drapes, furniture, and mattresses.

Shark Steaming Mop – The particular mop is the celebrity of all mops on their kinds. It’s unlikely you haven’t seen an infomercial for it or at least heard about it. This mop however gets mixed reviews and is more prone to breaking than other mops. While the Shark may seem like a bargain since you can now buy it for around $50-60, the likelihood of having to replace it within a year is fairly high as many consumers have their handles snap or the unit stop steaming within that time frame. Those who don’t have these problems often love their Shark but you should keep these problems in mind before investing in one.

Bissell Steam Mop – The Bissell mop also has some mixed reviews although not as many negative ones as the Shark. It has a low profile mop head that swivels 360 degrees. It also has a water filter which works to filter out dirt and minerals from the water and prevent the mop from becoming clogged. On the downside, you have to push a trigger to release steam which can become bothersome after a while if you are going to be mopping a lot. It also has a short power cord and a handle that isn’t adjustable. Despite these flaws though, it is still a viable option.

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